Welcome to  the Sara Compinsky Master Class! 

Initiated in 1972 by pianist, Sara Compinsky, the purpose of our class is to serve as a platform for pianists, teachers, and piano students of an advanced level who may not have regular chances to perform, the opportunity to do so in a public setting for extraordinarily esteemed guest teachers, as well as auditors who may not wish to perform but would like to observe a performance and subsequent lesson of the highest caliber.

Sara Compinsky Master Class

History of Sara Compinsky and the SCMC

Sara Compinsky was born May 12, 1904 to Louis and Ada Compinsky, Russian immigrants to England, while traveling in Russia.

Master Classes with guest leaders are held once monthly at
various locations below, and member's homes.

About Us

Classes are typically held on the second Wednesday of each month from September through May at select areas in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California (Please see "Current Season" for an up-to-date list of leaders and locations).  Each class is led by a different guest artist who works with each performer in an intensive, structured session.
All are welcome to audit and/or perform.  If you would like to perform in the class, you may select your choice of class and leader from the CONTACT US page.

A pre-class gathering with free coffee and breakfast is held 30 minutes prior to each class.

If you are a pianist looking for more opportunities to perform for serious, supportive colleagues, a teacher who would like more performance and learning opportunities for your advanced student, or simply a music lover who would like to observe musicians in action, please  join us each month.  You will be well rewarded!

“We all need to train and set our own standards for judging ourselves.  How do we do this? 
       1) By studying the printed page intently in order to arrive at the composer’s intentions;   
       2) By listening to various interpretations by fine artists and arriving at our own standards and personal tastes;  
       3) By participation in the class, by questioning and voicing our own opinions in relationship to the comments made by the leader and others. 

In becoming more stimulated we will be able to arrive at a clearer understanding of the music and its performance and develop our own individual thinking. 

In this way the auditors  and performers will benefit even more from the master class.”